Performance Resume

              Robin Guy

Robin Guy. Photo credit Andrew Alexander

Robin Guy. Photo credit Andrew Alexander




Eyes: Brown

Hair: Light Brown

Age Range: 35-45

Selected Stage Roles

The Clean House Lane Mary Ellis, Three Sisters Theatre Co, Gladstone
No Way to Say Goodbye, Songs of Leonard Cohen Creator, Ensemble Eleanor Crowder, Bear and Company, Gladstone
Crimes of the Heart Lenny Laura Duncan, Three Sisters Theatre Co, Gladstone
Jacques Brel is Alive and Well… Woman 2 Eleanor Crowder, Bear & Company, Gladstone
Desdemona, a Play About a Handkerchief Emilia Bronwyn Stenberg, Three Sisters Theatre Co, Gladstone
Anton in Show Business Casey Bronwyn Steinberg, Three Sisters Theatre Co, Gladstone
Creation of the World & Other Business Eve, Lucifer *CCC Best Pro Actress nominee 9th Hour, GCTC Studio
Radio Plays – 2013-2017 Gladys, Musical Director Terri Loretto, Plosive Productions, Gladstone
Marion Bridge Agnes Bronwyn Steinberg, Three Sisters Theatre Co, Gladstone
The Screwtape Letters/The Great Divorce Repertory Ensemble Jonathan Harris, 9th Hour, GCTC Studio
As You Like It Jaques Will Somers, Bear and Company, Parks Tour
I Do Not Like Thee, Doctor Fell Maureen John P. Kelly, SevenThirty Productions, Gladstone
A Flea in her Ear Lucienne John P. Kelly, SevenThirty Productions, Gladstone
Birth, a Play by Karen Brody Gillian Three Sisters Theatre Company
Emissions Sharma, Guilty Tracy Guptill, Shipbrecht Productions, Ottawa Fringe
Oreo **Best in Fringe winner Sidney Chantale Plante, Silent QUEMB Prod., Ottawa Fringe
Scarlett’s Dinner Theatre various roles (6 seasons) Eddie May Murder Mysteries
The Sound of Music Maria Patrick Donahue, Orpheus
The Miracle Worker Annie Sullivan Sarah Hearn, OLT
The Secret Garden Martha Ginny Day, Orpheus
A Midsummer Nights Dream Hermia Peter Cochrane, OLT
Anne of Green Gables Diana Barry Laura Charles Duncan, Orpheus

Selected Media

Me, My House, & I (4 episodes)                 Robin             Mountain Road Productions2014 sweater

Newgate 180
Addiction Treatment Commercial              
Wife               A-Channel
Dryclean Only                                          Elizabeth        Andrew Alexander,
Bonnie Robinson
B EQUAL Promo video program               Mother           Blomley Communications
Akim Glass Commercials (x2)                 Model             CJOH Television
SuperComm Video(Industrial)                  Professional    Zedd Productions for Alcatel

Selected Voice

Rogers Corporate Telephone Directory        Narrator                    Co2014 businessmmercial on Hold
As the Reels Turn (online animated soap)   Vanessa                     Gaming Solutions
Fatal Attraction Exhibit Radio Ad               Pig and Narrator       Canadian Museum of Nature
Hoover’s Business Intelligence Radio Ads (2) Skydiver, Narrator  John Collins, McMillan Design
Beckman Oracle database e-course (20 mods) Narrator  Bluedrop Performance Learning
Bell Canada “Total IP” e-Course (10 modules) Narrator  Bluedrop Performance Learning
PainCare Professional Videos (x3)                Narrator        Blomeley Communications
SigmaPoint Demo                                        Narrator      Affinity Productions


John Strasberg – Master Acting Workshops
Uta Hagen – Master Acting Workshop
David Smukler – Voice and Speech
David Rotenberg – Film & Television
York University Theatre School – Acting BFA programme

Jo Leslie Creative Fire Workshop
Dance Educators of Ottawa (Contemporary)
The Studio (Jazz, Tap)
Sallie Lyons, Paula Thomson (Contemporary)

Marni Nixon – Master Singing Workshop
Charlotte Stewart– regular singing coach
Anne-Marie Moss, David Galbraith (voice)
Sandra Cooke – piano and theory

Additional Skills
Singing (Broadway, Folk & Classical)
Dance (Modern, Jazz, Clog, Tap, Ballet)
Read music fluently
Piano (Grade 8 RCM)
Flute, Folk Guitar
Stage Combat