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Primary and Junior:

(Please also see high school level workshop descriptions below, which include additional possibilities for motivated students)

Musical Theatre: The most popular elementary level series, musical theatre is a two or three session workshop that gives students the experience of preparing a complete musical theatre number. Featuring a strong technique component for both singing and dance, emphasis is placed on communication of the story through expressive acting and characterization. With teacher participation for rehearsals, this can culminate in a showcase performance.

Show Choir/Glee: For special occasions or specific themes such as Christmas concerts which do not lend themselves well to musical theatre repertoire, the same song, dance and acting workshop can be done with alternate music.

Collaborative Choreography: SAM_1529From facilitated brain-storming sessions, through transformation of realistic daily movement into dance, to a complete choreographed dance piece, this three session workshop amazes students, teachers, and parents with the ability of young children to create and perform truly creative dance pieces. With staff participation for rehearsal, a dance showcase gives students the opportunity to complete the experience with a performance.

Drama: This workshop can comprise a single stand-alone session for several different classes, or a series of workshops for a single group. This work places emphasis on acquiring and/or improving basic performance skills such as voice, movement, and improvisation, with the added bonuses of professionalism, focus, and body awareness.

Dance Basics: An introduction to dance technique, teaching the classic steps and movement repertoire typically used in show music, lyrical, and hip hop routines.

Preschool and Kindergarten:

Musical Theatre:  A one or two session workshop that introduces basic breathing and singing technique, rhythmic movement, and expressive interpretation of a song from the musical theatre repertoire.

Movement and Drama:  Young children are introduced to both dance and interpretive movement through a series of games and exercises geared towards young learners.

High School:

High School level workshops focus on specifics of vocal and physical technique as well as specificity and presence in acting.

Stage Voice: A mainstay of the annual “Expressions” workshop series, Stage Voice teaches vocal techniques that allow students to increase vocal power while reducing strain on the throat. The focus is on vocal production and technique, and does not involve singing.

Movement for Actors: A popular technique-oriented class, Movement for Actors offers an approach to using the body as an instrument of communication. Emphasis is placed on discrete body awareness with the intention of gaining more control over physical expression of character.

IMG_3274Kabuki: Japanese Kabuki theatre is a fascinating time capsule, still performed today with the same costumes, movements, and sets as when the plays were written in the 17th century. These workshops involve an introduction to the techniques, philosophy, and performance of Kabuki theatre, and has a very strong physical component.

  • Introduction to Kabuki (1-4 sessions)
  • Kabuki Intensive (8-10 sessions, creating a 20 minute performable piece)

*materials fee applies

Scene Study Master Class: This workshop introduces students to the experience of a professional-style master class. Teacher-led prep of about a week prior to the workshop allows students to become fluent in a short scene, which they then work in a master class scenario over the course of a four or five session workshop series.

Audition Skills: Students learn tricks of the trade including calming nerves and committing to performance in short timeframes. The workshop can be oriented towards plays, musicals, or both.

Introduction to Singing Technique: Students are introduced to basic breath and singing technique and learn exercises that with repetition will improve vocal power and tone without damage to the throat.

Staging Songs: Staging songs is a challenge, whether dealing with a solo or a group number. This workshop focuses on isolating what movement is actually required, and allow the performer to focus on acting through the song.

Dance Basics: This workshop is an introduction to dance for students with little or no Broadway-style dance experience, especially useful for audition preparation.

Customized Workshops:

As an independent artist, anything is possible. Workshops can be independent of the school’s other activities), or coordinated with teachers to provide specific work for productions or themes. This includes creating or leading students to create choreography for school shows, customizing new workshops for the needs of your students and classes (for example, the Kabuki Theatre workshop was created in 2007 for students at Notre Dame), or providing “coaching” for monologues or songs that your students are working on.